Where is 341 Hearing for Noblesville Resident?

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Category : Bankruptcy
15 - Mar - 2016

After practicing law in Noblesville, Indiana for about 5 years and then moving to Carmel, I have represented my fair share of Noblesville residents in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy proceedings.  I learned long ago that most residents of Noblesville would prefer to meet with an attorney in Hamilton County instead of driving the 45 minutes to an hour to downtown Indianapolis.

Near the beginning of my time working at a Noblesville law firm I also realized that many of my clients in Noblesville and Hamilton County often believed that their 341 hearing would be held at the Hamilton County Courthouse in downtown Noblesville.  A 341 hearing in bankruptcy is a hearing that every Debtor (person who files bankruptcy) has to attend.  It is an opportunity for the trustee to question the Debtor regarding his or her bankruptcy schedules.  Creditors are also invited to attend, although this is somewhat rare.  However, there are no 341 hearings held in Noblesville.

When a person files for bankruptcy protection they are availing themselves to federal law.  As a result, the 341 meetings for Noblesville residents are located in downtown Indianapolis and NOT in the Hamilton County Courthouse.  The judges in the Hamilton County Courthouse are state judges and do not handle bankruptcy cases (although bankruptcy issues certainly arise from time to time in state court due to federal bankruptcy filings).  So, if you have filed for bankruptcy protection and are a resident of Noblesville, do not make the mistake of showing up to the Hamilton County Courthouse.  Instead, your 341 hearing will be held at the Federal Court located on Ohio Street between Pennsylvania and Meridian Streets in downtown Indianapolis.

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