Stop Avoiding a Meeting with a Bankruptcy Attorney

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26 - Oct - 2015

I get it.  No one is excited to go meet with a bankruptcy attorney.  After all, it’s not a lot of fun to talk about your financial problems with a stranger.  It’s not exciting to disclose the amount of debt that you have when it is easier to continue to plug away trying to make the minimum payment on your credit card debt.  But, I still think you should meet with a bankruptcy attorney if you are having a difficult time with debt and I want to explain why.

First, there is no fee to meet with a bankruptcy attorney at Halcomb Singler.  Erika Singler typically spends 45 minutes to an hour during this initial consultation to understand your finances.  At the end of the consultation, Erika Singler is typically able to make a recommendation for or against bankruptcy, explain why and answer your questions.  The recommendation is not always to file bankruptcy.  Sometimes it is to change car insurance, to get a second job, to stop paying unsecured debts but still not to file bankruptcy, to sell a home, to charge an adult child some rent…….the possibilities are really endless.  But the fact remains that it is easier for an outsider discussing your finances to point out solutions that you may not have thought of being so close to the situation.

If Erika Singler does make a recommendation that you file bankruptcy, the decision is still entirely up to you.  There is not going to be any pressure to file bankruptcy.  However, you will have a good understanding of bankruptcy after the meeting, as many people come in with a lot of misconceptions about the process.  Erika will explain what you are allowed to keep in bankruptcy, the process of reaffirming on a house or a car, etc.  If you decide against filing bankruptcy Erika will at least be able to explain to you how the collections process works, what you can expect from a creditor who is not being paid and how the Court process for collections works in Indiana.

The biggest reason to meet with a bankruptcy attorney if you are a resident of Indianapolis or one of the surrounding areas is to have knowledge.  One of the worst things a bankruptcy attorney can hear is that a person has spent all of their retirement, sold a house, or taken a large loan from a relative to get out of debt and is still having debt problems.  In many cases it would have been better to file bankruptcy years ago, still have money in retirement and to not owe a relative any money.  In almost every one of those cases, the client makes a remark that they wish they would have filed bankruptcy years ago.

In the end, if you are having a very difficult time and owe thousands of dollars in medical, credit card, loan, income taxes and/or are behind on your house payment please contact Halcomb Singler, LLP.  Located in Carmel, our firm has convenient parking without the hassle of driving into downtown Indianapolis.  To schedule your consultation for bankruptcy education call (317) 575-8222 today.