Questions Asked at an Indianapolis 341 Bankruptcy Hearing

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18 - Feb - 2013

For many people who file bankruptcy, the 341 meeting of creditors will be the only hearing in Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy case.  For those living in the Indianapolis areas and surrounding counties, including, but not limited to, Hamilton, Boone, Hendricks, Hancock, and Johnson counties this hearing takes place in Indianapolis at the federal court building.  The hearing is in a conference room (not a court room) and is presided over by a trustee (not a judge).  The trustee, who is an attorney, is the one asking the questions.  The hearing typically takes 3-5 minutes and I have listed some commonly asked questions below:

1.  State your full name;

2.  If your address the same as when you filed your petition for bankruptcy?

3.  Have you ever filed for bankruptcy before?

4.  Did you read and review the schedules and statement of financial affairs before they were filed with the court?

5.  Can you verify that is your signature on the bankruptcy petition?

6.  Did you read the information sheet provided by the US Trustee’s office?

7.  Did you list all of your assets and all of your debts?

8.  Are you aware of any changes that need to be made to your petition?

9.  Where do you work?

10.  What is the address of your work?

11.  Are you reaffirming on any debts?

12.  Have you already executed your reaffirmation agreement(s)?

13.  Do you have any claim against any party whom you could sue to bring money your way?

14.  Do you have any claim for personal injury?

15.  Have you gotten word that you are going to be receiving an inheritance or do you expect to receive an inheritance within 180 days of the date of the filing of your bankruptcy petition?

16.  Did you receive an income tax refund the last year you filed your income taxes?  If so, what was the amount of the refund?

17.  Have you received and spent your income tax refund this year?  If so what did you spend the refund on?

18.  Have you completed your financial management course yet?

19.  Do you have any whole life insurance?  If yes, does it have any cash value and who is the beneficiary?

20.  Have you given anyone any property to hold for you during the pendency of this bankruptcy proceeding?

21.  Do you receive any employment bonuses?

22.  When was the last time you used a credit card?

23.  How much is your real estate worth and how did you come to that number?

Of course, this is a very general list of questions that are commonly asked at the 341 meeting of creditors in Indianapolis.  Each trustee has one or two questions that they tend to ask of debtors that are a bit different.  The attorneys at Halcomb Singler will meet with each bankruptcy client prior to the hearing and attempt to go over the majority of the questions that will be asked by the trustee.  If you live in or around the Indianapolis area in Boone, Marion, Hamilton, Tipton or Hendricks county, Indiana and would like to schedule a free initial bankruptcy consultation to have your questions about bankruptcy answered please call our office at (317) 575-8222 or click here.