Indiana Bankruptcy Exemptions Increased

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07 - Mar - 2016

When you are a bankruptcy attorney, an increase in the bankruptcy exemptions is big news.  In Indiana, bankruptcy exemptions are increased statutorily every six (6) years.  That means the the olympics are held more often than bankruptcy exemptions increase.  So, let me explain what the heck a bankruptcy exemption is, why this is a big deal and what the new exemptions are as of March 1, 2016.

A bankruptcy exemption is the amount of “stuff” a person is allowed to keep when they file a bankruptcy pursuant to Indiana exemptions.  There are many different categories of exemptions, but the most often used are the following:

  1.  Intangible Property Exemption:  This exemption is for cash, funds in the bank, funds under the mattress or buried in the back yard and the value of any stocks as of the date of the filing of the bankruptcy petition;
  2. Tangible Property Exemption:  This exemption is for the value of personal property and furnishings.  Examples include equity in vehicles, clothing, jewelry, lawn mowers, and home furnishings;
  3. Residential Real Estate:  This exemption allows Hoosiers to exempt a portion of the equity that they have built in the residence in which they live.

The increase in exemptions is a big deal because it doesn’t happen often.  And, even though the exemptions are only increasing by a small amount, any increase means that much more property that my clients can keep in the event that they file bankruptcy.  In addition, for those who are being pursued by creditors, it means that much more that a creditor can’t take even if they opt not to file for bankruptcy protection.

So, what are the new bankruptcy exemptions as of March 1, 2016?

  1.  Intangible Personal Property.  This exemption has increased from $350.00 to $400.00 (Double the Exemption for Married Filers Filing Jointly);
  2. Tangible Personal Property.  This exemption has increased from $9,350.00 to $10,250.00 (Double the Exemption for Married Filers Filing Jointly);
  3. Residential Real Estate:  This exemption has increased from $17,600.00 to $19,300.00.  (Double the Exemption for Married Filers Filing Jointly).

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