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Fishers, Indiana is located just down the road from our Carmel office and we are happy to serve the legal needs of our Fishers neighbors.  Many of our Fishers clients find Halcomb Singler to be a much more convenient location than driving to downtown Indianapolis.  Erika Singler spent 8 years as a member of the Fishers community and was a past member of the Fishers Chamber of Commerce. During her eight (8) years in Fishers, Ms. Singler witnessed Fishers grow from a rural town to its current city status as a bustling community filled with families.

Halcomb Singler realizes that the last thing Fishers residents often want to spend their busy lives thinking about is who would take care of their children if they passed away suddenly, who would make medical decisions for them if they were incompetent and whether they need a living trust. These are all issues that each young family should consider. We encourage families to schedule a meeting with Greg Halcomb to discuss estate planning issues.  Over the years Halcomb Singler has noticed that estate planning is misunderstood.  Many Fishers residents tell us that they didn’t think they needed an “estate plan” because they didn’t have much of an estate.  Estate planning is not only for millionaires.  Estate planning is the drafting of a will and/or trust with supporting documents such as powers of attorney and a living will. These documents range from very sophisticated for those with significant assets to basic for young families just starting out in life. Halcomb Singler believes it is important for most people to have a will and powers of attorney no matter how much wealth they have or have not accumulated.

Currently in Indiana if you or your spouse pass away without a will there is a statute that determines how your probate assets are passed.  Specifically, if Jack and Jill are married and have 2 children and Jill passes away Jack gets 50% of Jill’s probate estate and the children receive the other 50%.  Most of the Fishers families that Halcomb Singler speaks with are surprised with this result and would not want their assets to be divided in this manner on their passing. The preparation of a will allows an individual to determine how they would like their probate assets to pass instead of it being determined by the Indiana statute.

It is also important to meet with an attorney about estate planning because there is more to estate planning that determining who will receive your assets.  Your estate planning documents will allow you to direct who you wish to be the guardian(s) of your children should you and your spouse both pass away, allow you to determine if you would want to receive artificial nutrition or hydration if you were in a vegetative state, determines who you would direct to make your medical decisions in the event you were unable to do so and directs who you would like to grant the power to manage your finances if you were not able to do so.

Since Fishers is a City where people often buy their first house or their forever house to live in with their families long-term, we are always willing to speak with new clients about estate planning, wills and trusts.  It is simply too late to think about having will, trust or power of attorney drafted by an attorney when you need the documents.  It is so important to think about these decisions ahead of time and have the opportunity to discuss your questions with a qualified attorney.  At Halcomb Singler we offer a free initial consultation regarding estate planning.  Our attorney will make recommendations regarding estate planning at the end of your meeting an quote a flat fee for drafting the necessary documents.  We find our clients prefer this approach to hourly billing because they know what to expect and can budget accordingly.

Once a person has passed away a personal representative or administrator will be left to administer the estate of that person.  Personal representatives or administrators are frequently left with little experience in estate administration and often learn that they need either letters testamentary or letters of administration when they go to the bank in order to attempt to transfer accounts of the decedents.  An attorney is very useful in assisting the personal representative by walking them through the estate administration/probate process.  Greg Halcomb has formerly clerked for Hamilton County Judges and the Indiana Department of Revenue and has years of experience in leading Fishers and Hamilton County residents through the process of legally passing out the assets of their departed loved one, making sure that proper accountings are completed, that any tax returns that are necessary are filed, and that any probate case opened is properly closed.

The personal representative of an estate has a fiduciary duty to protect the assets of the estate until they can be passed out according to the decedent’s will or pursuant to Indiana law in the event that there was not a will.  Greg Halcomb is available to his personal representative clients regarding which bills/expenses of the estate may be paid, which tax returns need to be prepared, whether life insurance should be deposited into the estate bank account, how to receive an EIN for the estate and much more.  While it is often a difficult time for a family, Greg Halcomb can help lead the personal representative through the probate process in Hamilton County so that the family may move forward.  Halcomb Singler often represents personal representatives on a flat fee basis so that he or she can feel free to call with questions instead of being worried of running up a large bill based on hourly representation. Attorney fees for probate administration are also often paid by the estate and not by the personal representative as an individual.

Finally, Halcomb Singler, represents Fishers individuals and couples who are struggling with debt.  Halcomb Singler understands that no one sets out to file for bankruptcy and that financial hardship can happen to just about anyone.  Erika Singler, meets with Fishers residents often to speak about their debt issues.  This does not always mean that bankruptcy is necessary.  Erika Singler routinely negotiates lump sum settlements or monthly payment arrangements with creditors on behalf of her clients in an effort to keep them out of bankruptcy.

Halcomb Singler can also represent Fishers residents in other areas of law such as debt settlement, collection litigation defense and bankruptcy. Unlike most debt consolidation companies or credit counselors, Erika Singler can file Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy for an individual or couple in the event that the creditors are not willing to accept reasonable settlements or payment arrangements.  Erika Singler has filed numerous bankruptcy petitions for Fishers residents and has been selected as a 2014 Rising Star by Indiana Super Lawyers in the area of consumer bankruptcy.  Erika Singler will personally handle your debt negotiation or bankruptcy case and will not simply pass you off to a paralegal.  Erika Singler can advise you regarding how bankruptcy might help you catch up on your mortgage payments, stop a garnishment of your income, pay down your income tax liabilities, or to stop a pending mortgage foreclosure. If bankruptcy is not a good legal option for you or you simply do not wish to file bankruptcy, Ms. Singler can represent you in litigation with your creditors and in negations in an attempt to settle your debts for less than you ow.

The finances of Fishers residents can be complex.  Hamilton County has the highest average income of any county in Indiana.  Many of Erika Singler’s bankruptcy and debt negotiation clients have excellent income and significant assets that need protection for their creditors. Ms. Singler understands that financial difficulty is both extremely stressful and extremely embarrassing for many of her clients. Ms. Singler’s goal is to provide strategies to solve the financial issues of her clients without judgment.

If you have questions about estate planning, estate administration, creditor settlements or bankruptcy please click on the individual links to learn more.  Or, if you would like to schedule an appointment please call our office at (317) 575-8222.  We look forward to meeting you and to help our Fishers neighbors with their legal needs.


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