Everyone Needs a Few Experts in Their Life

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29 - Aug - 2014

While there are likely a few people smart enough walking around Indiana that they never need professional/expert advice, those people are few and far between.  Most of us need a few key go-to people in our lives.  While our society today is great at taking to google to look for advice and expert opinions this isn’t an acceptable way to find professional opinions.  There are at least two (2) ways to prove to yourself that this is true.

First, pick a topic in which you have advanced knowledge.  It doesn’t matter if it is about cars, baskets or quantum physics.  Pick a question in a subject-matter that you already know the answer to and google it.  Sure enough, some of the answers you find are going to be incorrect.  If you are trolling the internet for tax advice, for example, and you are not a tax expert then relying on the incorrect advice could cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Second, even though there are many professionals that write incredibly informative blogs online, the blog is not written for your specific situation.  Blogs are often more general in nature in an effort to be informative.  The blogs written by Halcomb Singler, LLP, certainly fit into this category.  For example, we have posted blogs regarding the differences between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy on several occasions including the pros/cons of each chapter.  However, we would never want our clients to use this information to go out and file their own bankruptcy petition because each case is different.  We may find out information in speaking to our clients (and often do) that makes it clear that one chapter or the other is better for a reason that is completely unique to that client.  There is no thing as one size fits all advice.  Sometimes it is necessary to realize that “you don’t know what you don’t know” and reach out to an expert to assist.

By the time you get your first “real” job and/or buy your first house (whichever happens first) it is a great idea to have the following experts in your life:

1.  Accountant/CPA.  At the very least you have to file taxes once a year;

2.  Financial Planner.  Better start saving now unless you want to be broke in old-age;

3.  Mortgage Broker.  If you have any aspiration of purchasing a house (not saying you should purchase a house);

4.  Real Estate Agent.  See mortgage broker;

5.  Mechanic.  It really is only a matter of time until your car breaks down;

6.  HVAC Person.  It really is only a matter of time until your furnace/air conditioning breaks down;

7.  Plumber.  It really is only a matter of time until you have a leak;

8.  Insurance Agent (Property/Casualty & Life).  It is only a matter of time until you need to make an insurance claim and all of us are going to die;

9. Attorney.  At the very least you need an estate plan.  If you have a legal question it’s always good to know someone to call.

There may be a few more categories that I am forgetting, but the bottom line is that it is better to have professional line-up when you need them than to scramble at the last minute to find someone.  Finding professionals that you are comfortable with ahead of time will make those stressful times in life that will come much easier.  Ask your friends and family who they use.  Make sure it is a good fit and the bumpy road of life may go more smoothly.

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