Debt Settlement/Creditor Workouts

Illustration depicting a roadsign with a debt concept. Blue sky background.Halcomb Singler, LLP, provides defense of creditor lawsuits as well as debt settlement and negotiation with creditors. Halcomb Singler often represents people who are being sued by on old credit card bills, medical bills and for the balance of car loans on repossessed vehicles. We understand that dealing with debt collectors and attorneys for a creditor can be overwhelming and scary and that sometimes people would rather have assistance in bringing their case to resolution. In addition, many people are afraid to go to court alone.  Halcomb Singler’s debt settlement attorneys can represent you in court so that you are not alone at a court hearing. Halcomb Singler will work to obtain a lump-sum settlement or payment arrangement that you can afford and prevent you from being garnished whenever possible. Over the years Halcomb Singler has been able to settle many debts our clients owe to collection agencies both before and after a lawsuit was filed for less than the amount owed.

Halcomb Singler provides debt settlement and defense to collection lawsuits even if you only have one debt that needs to be resolved.  However, some of our clients have many creditors pursuing multiple judgments and/or debts agains them.  Halcomb Singler’s attorneys can meet with you to make a recommendation on how to resolve all of your debts.  In some cases Halcomb Singler will recommend the filing of a bankruptcy petition, but that decision is always up to our client.  We pride ourselves on being able to give all of our clients the information necessary to make this important decision and to be there to answer their questions.

Most importantly, Halcomb Singler can help come up with a plan for each person to resolve their debt once and for all.  We make an effort to not only clear up old debts, but to put people in the best financial position possible moving forward.  Once a plan is in place to settle debts or file bankruptcy our clients are able to focus on what is important in their lives instead of focusing on their debt.  We find that after meeting with us our clients often feel as if a weight has been lifted off of their shoulders because they have taken the first step to put debt behind them.

For a free legal consultation with one of our debt consolidation/creditor workout attorneys, please complete and submit our contact form or call us directly at 317.575.8222. Evening and weekend appointments are available.


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