Debt Settlement to Avoid Bankruptcy

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16 - Apr - 2013


Most people I meet with at Halcomb Singler have plans to be debt free.  They have sat down and budgeted out their income and expenses and set forth a plan to overcome debt and save money.  Like most plans, some of those people are successful and some are not.  However, for those individuals who do not want to file bankruptcy and would like to get out of debt more quickly sometimes debt settlement is a good options.

There are typically two (2) different times people contact me for debt settlement services.  The first type of client has received a lawsuit for collection on an old credit card, car loan, or medical debt.  In this situation the client needs my assistance to settle the debt in a lump sum payment or by a payment arrangement as well as for me to enter an appearance on their behalf in the underlying lawsuit and defend them in court.  The second type of client has several debts upon which they have fallen behind.  However, they now have a chunk of money that has either been gifted to them or saved in an attempt to settle their outstanding debts.  These clients need my assistance to attempt to get all of their debts resolved with a specific amount of funds.

Many people might ask why a person would work with a lawyer to settle his or her debts rather than with a debt settlement company.  The answer is a simple one.  Just ask the debt settlement company if they can help if you get sued for not paying a debt while negotiation is taking place.  The answer is almost always “no.”  At Halcomb Singler we can negotiate the debt as well as advise and represent you if you are sued on the underlying debt.

Debt settlement can be a great tool for those who would like to avoid Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.  If you are interested in speaking with me regarding debt settlement I would be happy to meet with you.  Our initial appointment is free at our Carmel, Indiana office.  If you would like to set up an appointment call (317) 575-8222 or click here.

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