Named in a P.O.A.? Watch Out!

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Category : Estate Administration
13 - Sep - 2016

A General Power of Attorney (or in common parlance, a “POA”) document is a fundamental part of an estate plan, and offers many potential benefits. I’ve previously blogged about their importance and usefulness as an estate plannin

Who wants to be a Guardian?

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06 - Jun - 2016

I’ve spent a lot of blog space extolling the virtues of using Power of Attorney (“POA”) documents for many different reasons. One of those reasons may be to avoid the necessity of a formal guardianship later in life. It’s t

Don’t Be Like Prince. Make a Will.

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18 - May - 2016


With 39 released studio recordings to his credit, and much more unreleased material, the musician Prince recently passed away at age 57 leaving an estate which may be worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Shockingly, the one thing P