Christmas Without Presents?!

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Category : Budgeting
16 - Dec - 2016

I know it sounds as if this is going to be a super sad post, but don’t worry.  It isn’t.  This year something different is happening at the Singler home.  We aren’t go

Senior Citizen Debt?!

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Category : Bankruptcy
19 - Oct - 2016

Few people envision their retirement as a difficult time.  They plan to save, but things keep coming up and they aren’t able to put as much away as they would have liked for a comfortable retirement.  Unfortun

Why Make a Will?

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Category : Estate Planning
11 - Oct - 2016

The Last Will and Testament, often just referred to as a Will for short, is usually the first document that comes to mind when the topic of estate planning arises. The Will’s most obvious function is to dictate to whom your assets will pass