Can Amazon Flex Fix Your Finances?

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Category : Bankruptcy
30 - Sep - 2015

For those of you who live in the Indianapolis area, you may have seen a news story this week about Amazon Flex.  What is Amazon Flex?  It is a new program being rolled out in Indianapolis and a few other cities that will pay people to use their own vehicles to make Amazon deliveries for Prime Now.  So, basically you will sign up for a shift as short as 2 hours (possibly great for stay at home moms when children are at school?) to be available to deliver Amazon packages that need to be to the door of the Amazon customer in an hour.  Oh yeah…..and you’ll be paid at least $18.00 per hour and up to $25.00 per hour.  If you are interested in signing up here’s the link for Amazon Flex.

While this blog is certainly part pro-Amazon (for disclosure purposes my husband works for and is really wishing that he had thought of this idea right about now), but it is also very relevant for people who are trying to figure out how to avoid bankruptcy, pay down debt or build up their emergency fund.  For example, if you work only 4 hours a week delivering packages then at the end of the year you would have about $3,700.00 to throw at debt or deposit into your emergency fund.  Or, if you are at a point where you are simply struggling to make ends meet this would be a great way to make that happen.  What about a pesky student loan that you have had enough of?  What if you thew an extra $3,700.00 at that debt each year and paid it off once and for all?

When clients meet with me at Halcomb Singler, LLP, to discuss financial difficulty I am constantly telling them to get another job.  Most times there is a lot of push back over not making enough money to justify it at a $10.00 per hour rate.  Although I generally disagree that even $10.00 per hour isn’t worth it when you are trying to pay off debt or make ends meet, I understand their reluctance.  However, at $18-$25.00 per hour I really cannot get on board with the idea that it’s not worth it to deliver Prime Now packages for Amazon if you are struggling financially.

It will be interesting to see how this Amazon Flex idea plays out in the Indianapolis market.  I hope that a lot of people who live in the Indianapolis area take advantage of this opportunity and use it to get out of debt, stay out of debt or build their emergency fund.  If you have credit card debt, student loan debt, a car payment or a house payment consider if you can find 2 hours in your week to make a little money.  If you are signed up for Amazon Flex leave a comment and let us know any additional information you have received.  Also, after the Amazon Flex rolls out please comment and let us know how you like delivering for Amazon Flex!