Budget Better, Do More

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Category : Budgeting
01 - Sep - 2015

What would you do if you had all of the money in the world?  Would you buy a fancy car, would you travel often or would you start a foundation to give back in some way?  Have you ever wondered how you could achieve those dreams while making a decent living?  At the risk of sounding like a motivational speaker, we should all be striving to achieve our dreams.  One way that we can work toward larger goals that create happiness in our lives is through budgeting.

WHAT!?  Budgeting?  What could be more terrible that putting together a budget and sticking to it?  I’m not going to try to argue that setting up a budget is fun.  It takes a decent amount to time and you (and your spouse if you are married) need to sit down and decide your priorities, by putting your money into them.  So, if you are obsessed with travel, but have always said you just can’t afford it….take a hard look at your budget.

Do you have cable?  Would you prefer to spend $150.00 per month on cable or put that money toward travel?  Do you have an expensive cell phone plan?  Do you enjoy dinners out?  Do you have an expensive car payment?  There is no right or wrong answer to these questions.  It is simply about having an honest assessment of your hopes and dreams, and then committing your money to achieving them.

I’m not saying that you are going to be able to quit your job tomorrow and spend the next 5 years on the beach in Barbados, which just might be the dream of the author of this blog.   But, what I am saying is it will give you a financial roadmap to achieve your dream.  For example, if you have always wanted to go to Paris, start working on it because Paris isn’t going to come to you.  Figure out how much of your budget you can dedicate to your Paris trip and open a special account just for that goal.  Research flight costs, hotel costs and the cost of what you want to do and see in Paris so you will know how much you need to achieve your goal.  Then do it.

It seems like too many people who make a decent amount of money are wasting away their lives without achieving their dreams.  If your dream is to start a foundation to help dogs, then your budget can help you get there.  Take the first step, which is laying out a budget, to achieve your dreams.  Next, figure out a plan and what steps you need to take to get to your dream.  Lay out a schedule for achieving these steps and achieve your dream.  What do you want to do?  What steps have you taken to get there?  Tomorrow isn’t promised, so stop  making excuses about when you are going to live your dreams and take steps to achieve them now.