Named in a P.O.A.? Watch Out!

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Category : Estate Administration
13 - Sep - 2016

A General Power of Attorney (or in common parlance, a “POA”) document is a fundamental part of an estate plan, and offers many potential benefits. I’ve previously blogged about their importance and usefulness as an estate plannin

Employed at ITT? Now What?

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06 - Sep - 2016

Today was a sad day for Carmel and especially for about 8,000 employees of ITT Tech, based here in Carmel, Indiana.  According to the

Indiana Spouse Doesn’t Want Divorce

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Category : Divorce/Family Law
26 - Aug - 2016

It is not uncommon for one Indiana spouse to file for divorce and the other spouse to be opposed to getting a divorce.  As a result, the opposing spouse might refuse to cooperat