How can I disinherit someone?

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Category : Estate Administration
15 - Jun - 2017

It is  not uncommon for the attorneys at Halcomb Singler, LLP to meet with an estate planning client who wishes to leaving nothing to a particular family member.  The act of excluding or cutting a person out of your estate plan (through a wil

Bankruptcy Should be Future Focused

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06 - Jun - 2017

While it is true that filing a bankruptcy petition will assist with a repayment plan or complete elimination (depending on the type of debt and the Chapter of bankruptcy), I belie

Get Rich Slowly

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08 - May - 2017

I recall reading an article that said “get rich slowly” at some point in the past and it really hit home.  How can we expect to achieve all of our financial dreams overnight?  But, since getting rich takes so much time, it is easy to