Bankruptcy is about to get more expensive

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21 - Apr - 2014

Beginning June 1, 2014, the bankruptcy clerk for the Southern District of Indiana is raising filing fees.  The current fee that must be paid to the court in order to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is $306.00.  The fee beginning June 1st will increase to $335.00.  The filing fee for Chapter 13 is currently $281.00 and will increase to $310.00.

I would guess that the fees are increasing due to a decrease in the amount of bankruptcy cases filed, but that is only my guess.  I will note that this is a fairly substantial increase.  The last time filing fees were increased they only went up $6.00.  This time filing fees are being increased by $29.00.

I don’t expect that a difference of $29.00 in the filing fee will send anyone in the Indianapolis area who was contemplating filing bankruptcy running to their bankruptcy lawyer’s office.  However, it is something to keep in mind if you have begun the process of filing.  After all, when money is tight why pay another $29.00 for your bankruptcy filing?

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